Company Profile

Company Profile
Fields of Activity:

Providing integrated solutions and services in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications as follows:

Design, development, installation and support:
Integrated information systems
Microsoft Platforms
Solutions Packages & Middleware (Creation Software different software interface)
Microsoft Share Point 2007
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Specialized software solutions - custom, Middleware & Reporting Services for:
Developing Cloud Based & mobile applications
Hosting Services

Communications solutions (Intranet, Extranet, Virtual Private Networks), using modern technologies.

Communication and promotion of corporate customers via internet and Social media.

Analysis, design, implementation Data Security Systems, customized according to the specifications and needs of the company.
Information storage (installation services online Backup Systems) at the offices of our company through online connection with our corporate clients.

Recovering data from disaster (Restore procedure) and Disaster Recovery onsite with WEKNOW equipment.

Security / Data Protection (Firewall, Anti - virus - spam S / Ware).

Telecommunications: Design and Installation of Wireless Networks Internal, External (Ground, Wireless NetWorks).

Training in products End User (eg Microsoft office suite), Back Office (core systems).

Systems upgrades (H / Ware, S / Ware).

Participation in seminars on new trends in IT and communications as well as their implementation
in health.
Cooperating with companies of high medical technology and reputable scientists in Medicine (Sosipatros Boykos) with the objective of organizing medical conferences in Kos,is also included in the activities of WEKNOW, in order to not only inform the scientific and non scientific community of innovative technological advances, but also strengthen congress tourism.
  • Providing flexible, fast and reliable solutions, combined with the use of new technologies in computing, resulting in an innovative course of a business, measurement, evaluation and optimization of services on the one hand and minimization of the operating costs on the other.
  • The immediate availability of measurable outcomes from the provided services and in particular, in tourism industry, quick follow up.
  • The longterm experience of WEKNOW in the field of computer science and specifically in Differential Systems Analysis, which consists the main tool for a company's direct and quality response to its demanded providing customer service - partners.

WEKNOW, offers, according to a great testimony by established companies in the field of information technology and telecommunications (SandB Industrial Minerals, Cosmos Business Systems AE, Realize SA, SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises), some of the highest standards.

30 year experience in Computer Science combined with:
  • Endless effort of knowledge diffusion and constant training of human resources.
  • Differential Analysis on needs of small, medium and large enterprises, whether related to H / Ware or S / Ware or communications for the determination of needs, alterations, additions, renewals in IT equipment.
  • Updates on issues related to the legal, economic, environmental context, Establishment, Operation and Organization of businesses, operating in the Tourism industry
  • Providing integrated solutions (Internet, Social Media) in the field of digital communication with purpose and result:
Fast, Competitive Corporate Presence communication
Projection of: Entrepreneurship Initiative, Innovation
Upgraded Provided Services (Quality Services Bechmarks)

Form a strategic goal of the provided services towards WEKNOW Partners.

Corporate - Strategy - Partners:
Sieben Innovative Solutions
Cosmos Business Systems AEBE Orthology Ltd
Longevity Solutions
Realize S.A.
Echo-diagnostic tomography
S & B Industrial Minerals (Information Technology)
Orthology: Business Software & IT services