Digital Marketing

The Digital Advertising and Web Marketing can bring your business to the wider available audience, creating interactive, long-lasting and profitable relationships.

In WEKNOW, we design, develop and implement specific strategies to electronic services that include:

  • On line strategy design
    The research and competitive analysis prior to any marketing plan to set goals and budget the strategic marketing and communication actions.
  • Creating Web - Website Design
    We create the ideal visual design and style of your website, following the principles and patterns usability of the latest web standards, so that the structure of the site is both attractive for visitors and best represents your business.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Exploit how the dynamics of Social Media can benefit your business and increase your profits! Put your business in the heart of the debate by creating interactive relationships with your audience.
  • eCommerce online shops scalable from small boutiques to large mega stores.
  • mCommerce mobile smart phone version for online shops.
  • Search Engine optimisation full range of services that includes, On-page Analysis, keywords research, PPC test campaigns, Link building.
  • Direct Email Marketing email design, email delivery, mailing list building.