Mobile Versions & Apps

Mobile Versions -  SmartPhone Applications

The rapidly increasing use of Smart Phones in our country, has created the need to concentrate web design towards Mobile versions and/ or autonomous Mobile applications.

WeKnow as part of its effort to provide complete IT solutions and cover all possible modern businesses' needs, has developed a set of applications that can be installed on smart devices, and specializes in designing and developing applications for smart mobile devices (smartphones).

WeKnow specializes in Mobile applications compatible to Android (Google), iPhone (Apple) as well as Windows (Microsoft Mobile).
Nowadays, the use of smart mobile devices such as mobile phones and computers - tablets, has grown rapidly and its future seems to be even more promising. The strong feature of these devices is their operating system (iOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOS, Symbian etc.) and the ability of each user to install applications.
WeKnow develops Mobile applications for large companies, providing Internet services and mobile telephony.