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WQSMS by WeKnow!
We Know Quality Services Metric System


WQSMS is actually a metric system that measures the quality of service (Quality Services Metric System(s) ) by WeKnow!
and not a typical questionnaire, as it can be used by any company, business or organization providing services:


  • It is completely customizable depending on the requirements of each company.
  • Generates statistics based on the answers of respondents, resulting in a direct recording of the quality of service provided.

  • Is completely customizable for each company, depending on its requirements, for instance adaptation, hiding, adding new questions, statistics etc.
  • Potentially displaying Text Boxes (text boxes-Feedback) or sub-questions in the case of any question
  • Verbal customiziation (describing specific question or even entire sections (areas))
  • Background, images, logo adjustments for the company (which we will need in high resolution)
  • Available in 10 languages ​​(English, Greek, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish,Swedish, Russian, Romanian)
  • May be linked with Social Media and / or any other application.
  • Designed to ''fit'' any device with Internet access, with the following operating platforms:
    Android, IOS (Iphone 3, 3S, 4, 4S, 5), Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy (all versions), Tablet (Android), Windows Mobile, All browsers
  • Directly exports results with a parametric range of dates, languages ​​(on the fly, which means that any questionnaire completed before 1 sec.is active and available for information at the same moment.

Based in:


ISO9000. (2000). Quality Services Management Systems
ISO27000. (2012). Software engineering - Information technology -- Security techniques


Typical statistical example display:

Statistical analysis sample

The platform, interface, that export statistics for each company is provided by WeKnow!. Through this you can instantly track the overall image of the company, with the ability to check responses numerically, in percentages and diagrams. The date range is slso configurable, giving the ability to get the feedback for a specific period of time
The structure is displayed as following:


There is also an option to install a Wifi-Hotspot in your area, so that the first page that will appear to each user connected to your Wi-fi, is the page of the metric system. (WQSMS)


Ability to integrate WQSMS system to the company website via a link or button.

 24 (hours)  7 (days)

Installed WQSMS:

1. Hotelier QSMS Metric System  Non-Mobile Version

Kipriotis Vllage Resort Hotel WQSMS Kipriotis Panorama Hotel & Suites Hotel WQSMS

 Kipriotis Maris Suites Hotel WQSMS

Kipriotis Panorama Aqualand WQSMS  Kipriotis Hippocrates WQSMS

EuroVillage Achilleas Hotel WQSMS

2. Mobile QSMS Metric System Mobile Version - Compatible website display with all devises (Iphone, Android, Tablet . . . and browsers) 


Irina Beach Hotel & Apartments
 Thomas Hotel Kos WQSMS

Agios Fokas Beach Bar WQSMS



Mavromatis Restaurant WQSMS  Olympia Taverna Zia WQSMS

Olympia II Restaurant Zia WQSMS


Alis Restaurant WQSMS  Kipriotis Group - Restaurants WQSMS


*WQSMS: Get information regarding our Service Metric Systems!

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