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Social Media Marketing (SMM) - Μέσα Κοινωνικής Δικτύωσης

Social Media Marketing
also known as SMO (Social Media Optimization) benefits companies and individuals by providing an additional channel for customer support, a means to interact with them and even  shape public supporters. It also helps maintain, attract new customers and managing corporate identity-reputation on the internet, fianlly resulting to:
  • An increased presence in the relevant business environment
  • The optimal combination of cost advertising communication
Social networking is now a key promotional tool, mainly because of the rapid results brought about in a short time, with minimal cost.
Advertising on Facebook, twitter, Linkdin, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare etc, is the new trend on the internet, forming a reliable and perfectly targeted promotional action of the online presence of a company or a professional.

Using all that is new on the Internet and network communities, results to the optimal viewing of your web site.

Therefore, Social Media is a critical parameter for a comprehensive business promotion and presence.

WeKnow offers comprehensive support and continuous updates on social media, including services such as:

Creating accounts on social media networking sites such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, foursquare,
youtube, google+, flickr, Linkdin etc.

Social media form an additional (and powerful) weapon to increase  your page trafficing and create a wide public of supporters, the so-called brand building of a business, which is the most promising operation of social media, combined with a targeted and "smart" marketing strategy.

  • Brand Building & Awareness: Create a strong web presence, increasing the visibility, reputation and reliability of your services.
  • Customer Interaction: Create the appropriate stimuli of social engagement and observe your audience, discussing and dealing with more and more of your services.
  • Customer Feedback: Find out what your customers, supporters discuss and discover what your customers think of your services. Promptly react to prevent any errors or correct imperfections.
  • Customer Relationship Management & Support: Collect valuable information and discover trends, support customers' needs, adopt their preferences in order to achieve higher satisfaction.
  • Community Building: Form your own online community, which will discuss and advertise your services,  increasing a potential expand of your reputation.
  • New Product Ideas: With the information gathered through the effects of social media marketing (SMM), discover improvements or enhancements for your services, fortifying their reliability, resulting to the improvement of your quality.

Consant update of social media accounts, intented to establish an on-line presence, enhance your web profile and form a wide range of supporters, as well as a daily interaction with them.

Continuously update your page information by posting photos, events, news / latest news  quizzes, polls, rss feeds etc. With smart quizzes and polls, you can come accross your customers' opinion and improve, enrich your services. You can inform your funs of special offers, events, news and services or even spread a contest, rewarding your "friends".

Connect your various social networking accounts in order to spread latest news, aiming to the fastest transmission of information.

One of the largest advantages of social media networks, is the ability to connect them, using one or more, you can spread your information to a wide audience, perhaps the largest you could ever have imagined. Words, pictures and videos are here to help you succeed. With Flickr and Pinterest will you can share photos, whereas with Youtube you can broadcast your videos. Twitter and Facebook are commonly used and addressed to the majority of social media users.

Create / integrate buttons or widgets (labels) from social media networks to your website (share buttons)

Widgets are some elements of the graphic user interface - environment ( GUI ) that are intergrated on websites in order for social media to become more utilitarian.
The term widgets is also now used to describe other elements, which are shaped in the form of applications.
The presence of famous social media networks buttons (widgets),are something that you can no longer afford not to intergrate on your own website. Moreover, it can only result to additional website traffic.

Social Media Networks are not only a profile, group or page on facebook or twitter. Especially facebook, provides many opportunities to incorporate functional elements on your website with "open graph" and use of "like buttons", with the ambition to target internet advertising, more than ever.

Weknow recognizes the market needs of businesses and adjusts its offered services  in social media networking to hospitality units or  hotels, regardless of size, having entered dynamically in the field of hospitality and tourism.

Our aim is the promotion, progress, improvement and safeguarding of the hospitality services quality.