WeKnow company, specializes in developing systems, measuring quality. (Quality Services Metric Systems).

Measuring and / or evaluating the quality of services a company, an organization or a business offers, is a difficult but necessary task for any modern enterprise, which is thought to respect customers' opinion.

The aim of any business is, and should be, the upgrading of the services provided.

Whether it's a service, process or activity, WeKnow adjusts the developed software to meet the needs of any company, business or organization. We are dealing with applications that are created, developed and grown via the Internet and constitute the most indispensable tool, required for every business or organization, which provides the ability to measure the services provided, therefore highlights the need to upgrade them.

This software, instantly captures, analyzes customer opinions and  provides a comprehensive overview of its services, enabling a direct assessment, in order to ascertain the strengths / weaknesses and directly intervene where/ when necessary. 

Such applications and the information collected through them, aim at as much as possible customer satisfaction maximization,  as well as optimization of the quality of the provided services.